Repair water pipe to accompany chat also play 110? Ministry of Public Security to control non - police alarm

A large number of invalid alarms affect the police work at 18:00 on May 18th
"110 is my family water pipes leaking, please send someone to repair" "to × × mall, how to go" "police uncle, the night is quiet and boring, you talk to me ... ... similar to the 110 alarm call every day occur. It is understood that the Ministry of Public Security has been in the national public security organs to carry out the reduction of grass-roots public security 110 police work burden of special governance, from the beginning of May to the end of July for a period of 3 months, the goal is to significantly reduce the 110 alarm desk by malicious alarm, "Legal Daily" reporter recently interviewed Liaoning Dalian, Jiangsu, Jiangsu, Jiangxi Yichun 3 police learned that a large number of 110 non-police alarm not only take up limited resources, may delay the fight against crime and disposal of emergencies, to some extent also affected The police relations, the police can not solve the problem due to limited authority caused dissatisfaction with the masses. Tsinghua University Law School Professor Yu Lingyun that 110 non-police alarm flooding is the source of the police duties are not clear, police activities and non-police activities, the boundaries are not clear, the practice of excessive police participation in non-police activities, so that some people think that the police Can "pack the world". At present, the People's Police Law is being revised, how to solve a large number of 110 non-police alarm, but also legislators concerned about the issue. A large number of ineffective alarm affecting the police work May 18 at 0:16, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, 110 received a man alarm said: aircraft flying from its head many times, serious nuisance, but a dozen 110 phone, the plane on the fly gone. This kind of people dumbfounding ineffective alarm, then the police have long been accustomed to. Zhaojiang, deputy director of the Public Security Bureau of Suzhou City, said that in recent years, Suzhou's rapid economic development, there are more than 13 million people, motor vehicle ownership of more than 250 million, 110 alarm incoming volume increased year by year, invalid alarm accounted for Than always at around 40%. In 2015, the city of Suzhou received a total of 110.33 million police alarm, of which effective police traffic 202.2 million, accounting for 58.8%. A large number of invalid alarm, including repeated alarm, all kinds of advice, harassing phone, which harass the phone nearly 28,000, accounting for 0.8% of the total police intelligence. It is understood that the definition of ineffective alarm is not the same everywhere, the proportion of ineffective alarm is quite different. January to May this year, Dalian City, Liaoning Province Public Security Bureau command center received a total of 1105,000 alarm more than 365,000, effective police intelligence more than 281,000, accounting for 77.1%; Jiangxi Yichun city public security organs received 110 police 47.1 million, effective police only 7.6 million, accounting for 16.2%. Yichun City Public Security Bureau command center director Gong Junqing said, invalid alarm, wonderful alarm, harassment alarm accounted for half. A large number of ineffective alarm makes the grass-roots police exhausted, the trade-off, relatively weakened the public security work. Yichun many township police station only a few police, in accordance with the provisions of each police at least two people, in some places more remote, a false alarm may be a lot of police force, affecting the normal work of police work. Zhao Jiang said: "early, middle and late time is the arrival of the peak period of Suzhou 110, the alarm call will appear queuing phenomenon, a large number of invalid alarm occupies a valuable communication resources, may delay the emergency alert reception. Dalian City Public Security Bureau deputy director of the command center Wen Chao is quite worried that many police officers into the "110 is a panacea," "something to find the police can solve the" errors, then the police received a police alarm, told The police contact the relevant departments to solve, some police officers believe that the public security organs in the prevarication, not as, affecting the police relations and law enforcement credibility. Yu Lingyun frankly, the public security organs to deal with a large number of non-police activities, is bound to affect the public security organs to maintain order, to combat the main business of crime. At present, this harm has been revealed. "Propaganda + strike" to reduce the malicious alarm people will forget the key home, and hit 110 to ask the police to come to help. Police arrived, the proposed people please unlock the company to unlock, because the lock company to charge, people do not want to ask the police climb the water pipe into the second floor windows to open the door, otherwise we should complain. Police worried about the impact of complaints performance, had to climb water pipes, accidental injury. Yu Lingyun in the northeast of a city investigation police work to understand this from the real case, touched him a lot. He said: "to reduce the 110 non-police alarm, not only to increase publicity so that people understand 110 work, but also the need for local public security organs to reform the relevant assessment system." It is understood that, in order to reduce the number of malicious alarm, alarm, Yichun City Public Security Bureau to develop The "Yichun City Public Security organs 110 to implement the police implementation details", and further clear 110 to accept the scope of the alarm, from the alarm, command and dispatch, police and police intelligence input feedback and other aspects of the police to start all aspects of comprehensive control of the police work. Dalian Municipal Public Security Bureau to amend the "public security organs in Dalian City 110 to take the police work norms" to further clarify the scope of 110 to accept the alarm, standard police handling procedures and work rules at the same time, improve the assessment and supervision mechanism, non-police intelligence, malicious complaints And the investigation is not a real report complaints, removed from the assessment system. Public security throughout the publicity efforts, with the help of January each year, "110 publicity day" to carry out promotional activities, by taking the streets face to face interaction with the masses, radio and television newspapers, microblogging WeChat and other forms, publicity 110 work, Know 110, right dial 110. Wen Chao said that the Dalian Municipal Public Security Bureau through the "air 110" radio program, every day by the police on duty in a fixed period of time broadcast the actual case occurred on the day, let the public understand 110 real-time work; through the organization 110 propaganda into the campus, into the community , Into the factory activities, let the masses understand what is 110, when you can call 110. For the malicious call 110 harassment phone, the police are clear, the minor criticism of education, the circumstances are serious in accordance with the law and order management and punishment. Yu Lingyun that the current 110 invalid alarm in the presence of a large number of cases, to dial 110 vent their anger, abuse of police and other harassers and false alarm situation caused by certain consequences of personnel to increase penalties, and timely to the community to publish a typical case to play Warning effect. May 23 at 23:33, Suzhou 110 received an alarm, said: Some people fight with iron bars. Police rushed to the scene, did not find someone to fight. Alarm man Wang said, false alarm is to let the police rushed to send home. Finally, Wang was administrative detention for 4 days. Non-police alarm diversion to other departments The existing People's Police Law Article 21 provides that the people's police encounter personal life, property security has been violated or in other dangerous situations, should immediately rescue; to the citizens to resolve the dispute requirements should be given help; The police cases of citizens should be investigated and dealt with in a timely manner. People's police should actively participate in disaster relief and social welfare work. Yu Lingyun that a large number of 110 non-police alarm exists, the problem lies in the provisions of Article 21 of the People's Police Law. The law on the police duties are not clear, and special emphasis on service concept, resulting in a lot of people no matter what the problem came to the police to solve. Yu Lingyun stressed, not that do not serve the masses, the difficulties of the masses regardless of do not ask, but to have degrees. Many countries are promoting social services to improve the relationship between the police and the public, such as the United Kingdom, but also to clear the social services can not affect the police main business, "on duty police asked the masses, can guide, but can not accompany to" The Yu Lingyun is involved in the revision of the People's Police Law, he suggested that the police in the police law to clarify the scope of police duties and police activities, with the enumeration and the terms of the way to clear what is non-police activities. Public security organs to do a good job in the main business, the implementation of good responsibilities under the premise of the ability to serve the masses. It is understood that in order to serve the masses, while reducing the impact on the police work, Suzhou established 110 social linkage mechanism, the establishment of 110 alarm service desk and 12345 convenience service center docking mechanism, non-police alarm, in accordance with the unified public security report, related Functional departments were the principle of the police, respectively, to inform the relevant linkage units at the police. At present, with the 110 linkage of the units of 49. In view of the limited resources of 110, Zhao Jiang suggested that the people of Suzhou, non-public security within the scope of non-emergency category of police intelligence, you can directly dial 12345 to reduce the 110 alarm blockage. At present, the Dalian Municipal Public Security Bureau, Yichun City Public Security Bureau and so on are planning to actively promote the establishment of relying on the government platform, the functional departments in accordance with the jurisdiction of the diversion of various types of social linkage mechanism to ensure that non-police intelligence timely scientific and reasonable diversion. Yu Lingyun quite agree with this approach. He said that the previous 110 as a unified reception of the phone, there are network congestion, the phone was off the hook concerns; with the development of information technology, accept the matter can be quickly shunt disposal, so that 110 phone to play a greater function. It is understood that the Ministry of Public Security to alleviate the work of the grassroots public security 110 police work since the burden of special governance, some places have achieved initial results. In May this year, Dalian City Public Security Bureau command center received a total of 110 more than 45,000 alarm, non-police class police 2209, accounting for 4.9%, down 28.5%. (Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province Public Security Bureau Xijing comprehensive police service station police): December 31 last year at 5 o'clock in the morning, we have received the police station to the city 110 command center police mission , The police on duty to reach the alarm location, the police even said: "I can not sleep at home, out of Liu Wan tired, so the alarm so that you sent me home." Similar to this "wonderful alarm", daily work has been commonplace The Husband and wife quarrel, water pipes running water, and even pet cat climb trees do not come up and down to the police. Although the 110 command center has been filtering the alarm, but sent to the grassroots public security organs in the police still have a large part of the police are invalid. A large number of ineffective alarm caused 110 alarm service desk overwhelmed, the real need to call or help the masses is likely because the 110 line was invalid alarm occupied and can not enter; and this is extremely limited police force was wasted, before a long time , We police station sixty or seventy percent of the police are ineffective police and run around. Fortunately, May 1 this year, Hebei Province, 110 alarm service platform is no longer accepted non-police alarm call. The reason why 110 cases of things are in control, largely because the scope of the 110 functions of the law has not been clearly defined, only the Ministry of Public Security in 2003 to develop the "110 access to police work rules," the internal rules, and some of the lack of operational content Sexual and compulsory. Hebei Province is now clear the scope of police matters and non-police matters and content, the Ministry of Public Security has issued a document to reduce the grassroots public security organs 110 to pay the burden of police work, we support the heart. 110 losses for more than a month, the grassroots police feel, ineffective police intelligence and "wonderful alarm" has declined, the relevant initiatives played a certain effect. Such as the past every day because of parking blocked road and received a large number of new car alarm, and even the police had to dig out a set of timely contact with the owner of the way. Now, after the public security departments and other public service agencies to coordinate, has a special hotline to accept the new business, no longer have to worry about the police. Although the 110 and the grassroots police to reduce the burden of some of the results, but ineffective police have not completely eliminated, the work will encounter a lot of business disputes, labor disputes and other alarm. A few days ago, we sent a police station to the police task, a company owed wages. 110 command center after the alarm to tell the police, the issue of arrears should be found in the labor inspection department to solve, the police have said that the people have been looking for labor inspection departments, where no matter, let the police solve. In desperation, the case was sent to our police station. From the law, we are not qualified subject of law enforcement, even if the police can only mediate, and can not be effectively resolved. Eventually, after repeated explanations with the police, they finally agreed to continue to reflect to the labor inspectorate. I feel that the role of a document is limited, after the idea of ​​the masses and the working conditions of other government departments have not been improved. As the people of the public security organs have no confidence and "difficult to find the police" concept, when they are in other government departments have been prevarication, will certainly think of the first time 110, which need to strengthen public education, educate the masses to use the correct call 110, for the community to understand the support. At the same time, other government departments to act, to assume their own responsibility.