Car reversing two people burst into the house caused by a death injury (Figure)

At the time of the incident a dad and a woman riding a bike were hit
Right: The accident attracted many people onlookers. Reporter Yang Tao photo (Reporter Zhang Quan recorded) Yesterday at noon, East Lake District, the new street back street, a car reversing hit a dad and a woman. Dad was crashed into the door of a household door, died on the spot, the woman was injured to the doctor. Things happened before and after 12:30 pm yesterday. When the incident, the Wuhan Evening News readers Mr. Tian is here, he told the evening news call, the car rushed to the steps in front of the street households, hit a dad, there is a woman. Yesterday afternoon 3 pm, the reporter went to the new street street, the accident occurred in front of this household is still surrounded by many residents in the matter. A red car is being dragged out of a room along the street. Two men are washing the blood in front of the water. Although poured a few barrels of water, but the blood is still not washed clean. This is along the street, in front of a total of four steps, about half a meter high. The door of the iron door because of the impact of a serious distortion. The scene near the scene, more than residents confirmed that the incident when a dad and a woman riding a bike was hit. Dad was pressed in the car, after the public security, firefighters rescue, only from the car out. However, 120 medical staff confirmed at the scene, dad has died on the spot. That ride a bike woman, the legs were rubbed by the car, was rescued after the doctor. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter found the victims of the victims of the dad's family, that daddy surnamed Pan, 62 years old, Hanchuan people, in the new ditch rains outside the roadside stalls selling cake cake home. Family members say, after the incident, they know that through the neighbors, there is a dad in the backstreet was hit, they quickly ran to see is not their own Pan daddy. The results arrived at the scene, Pan dad's wife found that dad has died, the head is full of blood Pan dad's wife was twice fainted for this sad. According to Pan's father's wife, that morning, Pan daddy home to go home to go home, he told his family to haircut. Afterwards, the family learned from the neighborhood, Pan dad went to the barber shop found no water, stroll to the nearby to see people playing chess. Looked for a while chess game, Pan dad went home to go in the direction of the results go on the road, it happened unfortunate. The young man is also near the residents, reversing I do not know why suddenly out of control. Many residents confirmed that the incident is very sudden, just a few seconds, many people react, the accident has occurred. At present, the cause of the accident the police are still further investigation. More than residents said the man is driving an automatic car, if it is manual block, the tragedy may be avoided.

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