Shenzhen Huanggang Customs seized container truck hub dark grid smuggling case (Photos)

The customs officer first examined the other vehicle other than the vehicle
Shenzhen, Huanggang Customs said on the 14th, the customs on the 13th in the cargo access channel seized a Empty cars use the car hub dark cell hiding mobile phone entry cases, a total of 360 mobile phone seized. The main investigation officer Lao Tang introduction, 13 pm around 3 pm, the vehicle to declare empty vehicles from the Huanggang port cargo channel entry, just entered the customs automatic nuclear release channel, was Huanggang Customs risk department autonomy control. The car was taken to another large container inspection facility in the same size as a separate container truck. Check the customs officers through the image analysis and found that the location of the two cars are some unusual, it is recommended to check the customs clearance inspection. Customs officers first of the vehicle other than the vehicle was demolished to check, after the demolition of the suspect location and careful investigation, the car did not have any unusual. Customs officers began to look at the appearance of the vehicle, in the suspected parts, customs officers found that there is no traces of demolition and alteration, the connection was tightly tight, the screws fixed well and symmetrical, even the surface dust is very uniform, Do not like moving hands and feet. As the vehicle with the other car models the same, machine images are almost exactly the same, when the deputy chief is ready to carry out routine inspection, suddenly found off the old Tang gave him a wink, asked him to conduct a thorough examination. "At that time, everyone's attention in the car, I observed the driver of the vehicle although the machine hard to cover up, but he is very concerned about the results of another car, secretly in observation, eyes occasionally flashed a worry and tension When you know that another car to check no problem, the eyes of the moment more proud of the years of experience told me that his heart must be ghosts. "Tang Tang memories. Off the suspects were demolished, and carried out a thorough inspection, the results, in a few rows of wheels wheel wheels, found a total of three private dark. This is a few dark grid of the location of the hidden, welding approach is very clever, very tight connection, seamless with the body, from the outside actually can not find the demolition of the hole. Eventually, customs officers in three big hidden in a full set of 360 Apple phones, the initial assessment of the value of more than 500,000 yuan. At present, the case has been transferred to the Customs and Excise Department to further investigate and deal with. According to the person in charge of Huanggang Customs, this year, the customs in the cargo channel has seized all kinds of dark smuggling cases more than 60 cases, seized goods worth nearly 50 million yuan.

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